The 9th All in Print China Scales New Heights with a Record Breaking Exhibition Space and Visitor Number


Long-awaited international buyers displayed a strong intention to make purchases. Purchasing demand from domestic companies also rebounded clearly from the first half of the year, fostering a fervent trading atmosphere during the event. Consequently, All in Print now ranks among the most impactful and productive trade fairs in the printing and packaging industry for networking and conducting business in Asia.

Domestic companies' purchasing intentions are rebounding while overseas buyers continue to gain strong purchasing power

Ms. Sabine Geldermann, Director of drupa, mentioned: “I am pleased to see that with 20 years development, All in Print China, as a member of drupa has reached the new record with the largest scale in the exhibition space and visitor number."

The exhibition halls were packed during the four-day event. Pre-registered attendance and show visitation percentages were both at all-time highs. As for group attendance, buyer groups from over 110 domestic associations, encompassing printing, packaging, and terminal associations from multiple provinces, cities, and regions, were drawn to the show. Nearly 40 international buyer groups attended the exhibition, and the total number of attendees set a new record.