Demonstrating Innovation at dna – drupa next age 2020: Advanced Manufacturing


Print is not just print. The technology has gone far beyond its original usage and has spread its feelers into other industries such as medicine, pharma, architecture, or nutrition. What is possible today, and what are the opportunities for tomorrow? These are the kinds of questions that dna – drupa next age 2020 will both approach and showcase at the upcoming drupa. This special show-in-show aims to present innovations from the field of print technology developed by start-ups, as well as by technology leaders. The objective? To foster dialogue, create ideas and demonstrate innovation in the platform’s inspiring breeding ground.

Be it advanced manufacturing, digital direct manufacturing, AI & robotics, new materials, bioprinting or new business models: The printing industry’s diverse cross-sectional technologies embrace this visionary spirit. In order to give a foretaste of what dna – drupa next age is all about and to make the visitors curious about what they can expect there, we will one by one introduce the special show’s individual main areas of focus.

Advanced Manufacturing at dna – drupa next age

We get started by presenting you what dna – drupa next age’s Block A – Advanced Manufacturing has to offer. The drupa Hot Spot dedicates a separate section to this topic because this disruptive technique makes for one of the most innovative and surprising segments of the industry. It uses cutting-edge technology in order to improve products and processes. In other words, it takes an item or service and metaphorically injects it with new ideas to reach new possibilities. One might say: It’s all about combining something old with something new.

An integral part of this section of dna – drupa next age is a technology which has created quite a buzz in recent years: 3D printing. Most ordinary consumers will probably be more familiar with personal 3D printing for private use, which can produce anything from figurines to coffee cups. However, this form has already taken the industrial world by storm – with companies using this process for models and finished products.

Innovations from All Over the World

dna – drupa next age shows the whole range of potential applications of advanced manufacturing and 3D printing. Whoever’s wondering what the future might hold in store for these manufacturing solutions, will need to look no further when visiting the German exhibitor Reylong Plasma in this Hot Spot. Here, the company challenges the art of surface preparation with its innovative technology.

Interested in what kind of new technologies will assist inspection? Another reason to join us at dna- drupe next age! Companies such as GTB from Japan and Beijing Hand Graphic Equipment from China will use this platform to show their innovations in inspection and analysing. After all, 3D inspection tools play a major role in guaranteeing good quality while fine-tuning and boosting productivity.

Moreover, analysis of an activity pattern is something that also greatly improves productivity, something that companies such as Aurgima and Aleyant (both hailing from the US) as well as the German company ctrl-s will prove. At dna –drupa next age they will showcase their workflow solutions in Block A, along with innovative online processes from the Danish PrintVis and the Belgian company Four Pees.

It’s All About the Statement Pieces

With all the talk about industry topics, we also shouldn’t leave out the artistic side of things. After all, printing technology puts great ideas into practice and literally brings them to life – be it on paper or other materials such as plastic. A completely different, but no less astonishing approach is taken by lenticular printing, which masters creating illusions in the observer. Our Irish exhibitor DP Lenticular provides lenticular materials in order to produce artistic and scientific statement pieces enabling this effect.

Of course, we are aware that there are far more disruptive developments out there than those we have now given you a taste of. If you also have a statement piece you want to be part of dna – drupa next age, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We would love to hear from you!