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drupa 2020
drupa 2020 highlight topics

industrial printing

The major themes of automation and robotics, new workflows in the production process, and the next generation of industry 4.0 will be at the center of many discussions. drupa’s supporting programs will also focus on these topics with forums, touchpoints, presentations, discussions, and workshops.

In addition, exhibitors will present innovative printing processes and product solutions for use in industrial production and the packaging and functional and decorative printing application segments.

packaging production

The packaging and labeling sector is growing worldwide, and technological development is forging ahead. Whether a folded box, labels, corrugated board, or fl exible packaging, advancements in the fi eld of digitalization are paving the way for innovations in the customizing and personalization area. With new innovative “functional printing” technologies, “smart packages” are gaining importance and changing the industry.

New markets are developing and demanding completely new competencies. At drupa 2020, key trends and outstanding innovations as well as new products will set benchmarks for processes and applications. At drupa, world market leaders will be showcasing their innovations. Against the background of markets that are growing internationally and increasing demands of the industries and branded companies, packaging production will be one of drupa’s hot topics again in 2020.

3D printing

The potential of additive manufacturing as a pioneering technology is extremely high in many vertical markets and therefore will be a prominent issue at drupa 2020. Fabbing is ushering in a new era of sustainable production and offers great opportunities for print services providers as well as machine manufacturers and users from, for example, the design and packaging industry, automobile manufacturing, and dental and medical technology. Numerous “classic” drupa exhibitors are working with this technology and will be presenting exciting solutions at their stands. So-called “first movers” will also be on hand.

Again in 2020, the touchpoint 3D fab+print will be offered with internationally top-class speakers and future-oriented presentations.

functional printing

The term “functional printing” covers innovative printing processes for many applications and solutions from different vertical markets. Such as printed electronics: that is, printing conductive plastics or inks on fi lms and foils or other substrates, for example, in entertainment electronics and the automotive sector and increasingly in other industries such as the health care sector.

Also smart packages: intelligent packaging with added functions are printed with special, screen, digital, inkjet, and last but not least, 3D printing on a wide variety of materials, for example, on metal, plastic, fi lms and foils, textiles, glass, ceramics, and wood.

In the textile printing sector, new technologies and products such as digital textile printing machines and inks make numerous options possible for producing textile products that are adapted to the customer’s specifi c requirements in the residential sector, interior furnishings, fast fashion, decorative fabrics, banners, sports clothing, and many other applications.

future technologies

Our exhibitor’s innovative and novel interior furnishings will lead the industry into the future again at drupa 2020. As in the past, ideas will turn into prototypes at drupa 2020, prototypes will reach the production stage, and new markets and business models will be opened up.

Autonomous printing will be developed further in the coming years, and digitalized intelligently networked and automated production processes will shape the future. Cloud computing, the internet of Things, robotics, big data, and artifi cial intelligence will change the work and market environments.

At the same time, new trends are emerging, such as smart factory or collaborative manufacturing.


The fascination of print products is increasing with the steady ongoing evolution of technical possibilities. Print is moving into new dimensions – with new print technologies, with tactile impressions that make fabrics and materials more palpable, with enhancements that open up new dimensions, and with looks and feels that fascinate. drupa live and in real time will demonstrate which printing machines make this fascination possible and with what speed very different print products can be produced.

At drupa 2020, exhibitors will present the trend universes of print and reach new customers and new markets all over the world.