Print4All Conference (24 June 2020)


Print4All Conference marks the evolution of the entire Communication and Graphic industry: it’s the event that allows manufacturers, converters/printers, influencers, brand owners and all the players within the supply chain to meet up with one another.

This series of events saw its starting point during Expo 2015 and it has since become an amazing dialogue opportunity for the converting, package printing and labelling industry
Print4All Conference 2020 Future Factory will lead us straight to the next Print4All edition, part of The Innovation Alliance, the event that combines five trade fairs, each one leader in its specific supply chain area.

The First session from 11am – 1pm

  • Andrea Briganti, General Manager @ ACIMGA and Federazione Carta e Grafica 
  • Enrico Barboglio, General Manager @ ARGI 
The future is ours 

Curiosity for the future, but also fear and uncertainty: learn to be proactive, don’t react. Building our future together, starting from the opportunities emerging in moments of crisis. 

  • Girolamo Marchi, President @ FEDERAZIONE CARTA E GRAFICA 
Opening for the Federation’s Public Assembly 

The Federation’s project: programs and strategies. 

  • Nigel Tapper, Professor of Environmental Science @ Monash University of Melbourne, School of Earth, Atmosphere and Environment 
Sustainable development is the key to achieving a secure future for all humankind. 

Seventeen United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) were established to be achieved globally by 2030.
This presentation briefly reviews the principles of sustainability and the SDGs, especially for industry and in relation to the current COVID-19 and climate crises.

  • Ulrich Leberle, Raw Materials Director @ CEPI 
  • Massimo Medugno, General Manager @ Assocarta 
Ensuring future circularity of paper packaging: the new recyclability guidelines. 

How can the value chain specify and design paper-based packaging to support the recycling process within circular economy? Through the harmonisation of recyclability test methods and national protocols. 

  • Vincenzo Baglieri, Professor of Practice @ SDA Bocconi School of Managment 
The first Italian supply chain project on smart manufacturing. 

Launched in 2017 from Federazione Carta e Grafica in partnership with SDA Bocconi, this project was developed in three phases: company assessment, classroom training and consultation team to implement the Industry 4.0’s strategy. 

The Supply Chain point of view 

Workshop and case history presentation

The second session from 3pm – 5pm

  • Elisabetta Bottazzoli, Sustainability and Circular Economy Manager 
  • Eliana Farotto, R&D Manager @ COMIECO 
  • Luca Stramare, Project Manager @ COREPLA 
The sustainable Supply Chain: the important role of Consortia in a Circular Economy perspective 
  • Fabrizio Renzi, President & CEO rnbgate rnb4culture, Angel Investor e partner IBM 
Yesterday’s Industry and the Industry of today 

What will the reality of Industry 4.0 be like compared to the past and the present? One thing we know for sure is that it won’t be able to overlook the constant technological evolution of artificial intelligence.

  • S. Dayaker Reddy, President @ IPAMA 
  • Thayer Long, President @ APTech (The Association for Print Technologies) 
  • Gareth Ward, Print Business publisher @ PICON 
International Outlook on market trends 

Guest speakers from Global Print organisations.

Delegates from main International Associations will illustrate their views on prospect and market trends, using statistics and data combined with individual insight.

  • Alice Bodreau, Global Partners Manager @ Ellen MacArthur Foundation 
The transition to a circular economy: strategies, business models and best practice 

The global manufacturing context in circular economy implementation, and the ways in which the printing and converting industry can adopt circular economy 

  • Marco Roveda, Founder @ LifeGate 
Ideas and actions for the future: current scenarios 

Gaining awareness in the present is fundamental for establishing opportuninties in the future: finding solutions is a process which starts from looking at things comprehensively. 

The Supply Chain’s point of view 

Workshop and case history presentation