B2B press release may not be good enough

B2B press release

Why B2B communication experts do what they do

Here’s the thing: When product managers and marketeers describe a new product, they want to portray this product in the best possible light. They want to highlight its benefits and convince audiences to give this new product a try. Rightfully so, I may add. If they didn’t aim for this, they wouldn’t be very good at their job.

From time to time, our account managers need to take a step back and tell their contacts a press release still needs some editing. Probably much to the frustration of the people who have put their heart and soul into it. Often, the reason is not so much that the text is bad, but rather that it needs to be written in a different way.

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Facts and figures from our communication research

The power of PR lies in managing the spread of communication between companies and their audiences while coming across as unbiased. Unbiased content will leave a much stronger impression on audiences.

Have a look at the duomedia B2B communication research and check which communication channels B2B professionals consider “most reliable” when making a buying decision. The research shows that the top results consist of communication channels where third-party sources share communication.

A B2B trade press editor’s reputation

When talking about press releases, a biased writing style is one of the main triggers for editors and journalists to immediately bin a release. Why? Because editors of B2B media have a reputation to uphold. They are experts with in-depth knowledge of an industry and its technology. Their reputation is crucial to being relevant towards their readership and stakeholders.

Now imagine a seasoned B2B editor who receives a press release with claims in the vein of “Our new earth-shattering product will revolutionise the industry”, or “People will faint when they see what this product can do”.

I’m obviously exaggerating here a bit, but if an experienced editor were to release an article with this type of terminology, they’d come across as a silly fan choir with a big foamy WE ARE N°1 sign. A biased sell-out. Quite the opposite of a reputable B2B industry expert.

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“If you wish to astonish the whole world, tell the simple truth.” – Rahel Varnhagen

Content that reflects trustworthiness leaves a much stronger impression on audiences. Readers tend to consider a product or service more reliable when a neutral source gives their input on it. Look at how big peer-review websites/apps like TripAdvisor have become.

Don’t underestimate the value of non-commercial communication. Telling your story without sugar-coating it will carry much more news value than a story that is obviously exaggerated.

Ready, set, go!

It is important to keep these basic principles in mind when checking and writing your content. Make sure to be consistent and clear. All set to go over your press release before distribution? Your extra effort will pay off!