stream folder

Tecnau has launched a new plough-fold cut and stack finishing system for high-speed inkjet webs that UK agent IFS described as a “gamechanger” for digital book production.

The StreamFolder 5152 can run inline or near line with the latest generation of digital webs and has a top speed of 230m/min. It plough folds the web once or twice along the direction of travel and offers “north/south job offsetting”, according to Tecnau.

The redesigned unit is part of Tecnau’s Revolution 50 platform, which was launched last year and is aimed at high-production 24/7 environments.

According to the Italian manufacturer, application change has historically been a weakness of plough fold technology, as set-up can be time consuming and operator dependent, but the automation implemented on the StreamFolder 5152 allows dynamically fast changeovers.

The StreamFolder can produces book block lengths from 152-457mm, in widths, depending by roll width, up to 560mm. It can also be bypassed to produce parallel stacks, which Tecnau said was a unique feature that allows users to mix book block jobs to other applications, like direct mail or commercial print.

The 5152 consists of the new StreamFolder f50 and Stacker s52 and the previously launched c51 Cutter.

The Stacker s52 features a tack gluing option that enables the line to be linked inline with a binding line.

“The StreamFolder 5152 features extremely robust build quality and very reliable high volume production at speeds to keep pace with today’s leading 22” continuous feed inkjet printers for high quality book production,” said Jason Seaber, IFS technical sales director.

“This truly next generation technology provides for wider media flexibility, Internet-of-Things connectivity and Tecnau Connect for predictive preventative maintenance and remote support. This is game changing technology for the 21st century to help drive down production costs and increase productivity with better margins.”

IFS, which is also the exclusive agent for Horizon, continues to operate through the lockdown to support customers.

While it has suspended new installations, it continues to offer service and spares support.

“We have been able through the crisis, in several cases by arrangement with individual customers, to enhance its service offering by allocating service engineers on to a ‘standby’ arrangement to ensure 100% guarantee and continuity of technical and breakdown support, something which has been required where companies are producing work for the essential services,” said managing director Eric Keane.

“We are also trying to help customers as they adapt to these current times and find new ways of working.

“It is a challenge, but one everyone is rising to together. It is great to see the industry pull together and respond so proactively and positively.”