Mimaki Paving the Way to Luxury, Green Packaging at Luxe Pack 2019

Luxury Packaging
Luxury Packaging

Amsterdam, September 9, 2019

Luxury packaging will be in Mimaki Europe’s sights at Luxe Pack 2019 (Grimaldi Forum, Monaco – September 30-October 2). As a Technology Sponsor of the foremost show for creative packaging, the leading manufacturer of inkjet printers and cutting systems will demonstrate how luxury brands and packaging professionals can succeed in designing and producing first-class, one-off premium packaging whilst at the same time, make smarter, more sustainable choices by using Mimaki’s advanced printing technology.

Mimaki will highlight the value of print embellishment through a show-stopping array of applications – including 360-degree-printed packaging and 3D-printed packaging mocks-up – on stand DD02BIS. In line with the show’s focus on creative, luxury packaging, the company will inspire visitors to Luxe Pack with samples of high-end cosmetic and perfume packaging. Expounding further on technological benefits for the luxury industry, the company will showcase 3D-printed top-quality prototypes of perfume bottles, demonstrating how brand owners can take advantage of the company’s cutting-edge full-colour, UV-curable 3D printing system, the 3DUJ-553.

As a technology demonstration, the UJF-3042MkII direct-to-object UV printer will run live on the Mimaki stand. Offering ease-of-use for on-demand printing, this leading-edge flatbed printer will be equipped with Mimaki’s Kebab option, enabling 360-degree direct printing on cylindrical products. Allowing UV print on a wide range of substrates in differing sizes, this combination is designed to enable users to further expand the opportunities of decoration-printing on 3D objects.

“With our market-leading, integrated portfolio of printing solutions, we offer spectacular creativity and limitless opportunities for the thriving luxury packaging industry. At the same time, we are able to address the pressing demand from the market for more sustainable choices,” explains Danna Drion, Marketing Manager, Mimaki EMEA.

As part of the company’s presence at Luxe Pack 2019, Mimaki will participate in the event conference programme for visitors. Igor Gadreaud, Development Manager, and Thierry Lim, Area Sales Manager at Mimaki France will tackle the topic of personalisation as a vector of appropriation in premium packaging development, in a speech entitled “To be unique is out, being creative is the new me!” (September 30 – 4.45pm).

“New ways of personalisation, continuous improvements in print embellishment and an increasing awareness of sustainability are key drivers for the high-end packaging industry. Building on the expertise in digital printing and with its cutting-edge technology portfolio, Mimaki is compelled to champion the evolution of the packaging industry at this important juncture,” Drion concludes.

For more information about products and services from Mimaki, visit www.mimakieurope.com.

Various elements of luxury packaging created using Mimaki’s digital printing and cutting systems
Mimaki will demonstrate how 3D printing enables to create mock-ups of premium perfume bottles
Mimaki will also create packaging samples with greater sustainability in mind
The Mimaki UJF-3042MkII enables direct printing on objects, even on 360-degree surfaces