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The 10th International Exhibition For Printing, Packaging, Paper & Advertising Industries 2019 (TechnoPrint, Technopack, TechnoPaper and Technosign )Extension of the great success of the previous 9 International TECHNOPRINT Fairs, Printing Industries CO-OP Association (TAG) is organizing the special 10th edition of TechnoPrint Expo, At Cairo International Convention Center in parallel with 3 related exhibitions, TechnoPack, TechnoPaper & TechnoSign. From 18th to 20th of April 2019 on a full display space of 4 Halls (No. 1, 2, 3& 4) On gross area of 12500 square meters.

To be the largest trade fair specialized in Printing, Packaging, Paper, Carton Board, Advertising & Promotion Industries ever held in Middle East and Africa.

  “The estimated number of companies will participate in the exhibition is about 250 companies from the Egyptian and the global companies, and over of 200 international brands will participate through their agents in the Middle East.”

Activities covered by the exhibition: –

Traditional & News Paper Print Equipment Industry.

The Packaging equipment’s industry.

The Advertising industry.

Paper and Carton Board industry.

Inks, Toners and printing supplies.

Digital Printing.

3D Printing.

Pre and Post press equipment’s and printing materials.

Software & Solutions for printing industries.

Stationary equipment and materials

International companies for printing machines equipment’s.

Pre-Owned Printing equipment’s.

Secured printing solutions.

Print technical support by international consultants.

Spare parts.

Raw material & Consumables.

Why Egypt?

Because of its geographic location, as well as being the second largest signatory to multinateral trade agreements in the world, Egypt connects investors with established and emerging markets.​

Egypt marketplace offers manufacturers & developers a high value proposition. With a population of over 100 million, Egypt is the largest consumer market in the Middle East, representing huge potential for consumer goods manufacturers.

Excellent investment climate and the abundance of the industrial free zones and promising climate for industrial progress, especially in the field of printing and packaging industries.

Reasons to Exhibit in TECHNOPRINT

Fast convenient access to new, alternative and emerging markets in Africa and MENA region.

Networking opportunities with thousands of new customers.

Total market awareness about Africa and MENA Region.

To review your business strategy in Africa and MENA Region.

To monitor your competitors in these regions.

To identify business growth opportunities in Africa and MENA Region.

To meet face to face with the agent that you are looking for and set new suppliers with better conditions and qualities.

To support your overseas agents and distributers in these regions and neighboring states.

To evaluate risk and opportunities in Africa and MENA Region.

To understand the impact of macroeconomic development on your business in Africa and MENA Region.