Ultimaker builds 3D printing network to combat Covid-19

3d printing network
Ultimaker is appealing to all companies worldwide with 3D printing facilities

Dutch developer Ultimaker is pulling together an international network for 3D printing hubs, experts and designers to connect with hospitals and support efforts to combat the coronavirus outbreak.

As hospitals are increasingly in need of tools and applications that are in short supply, the Utrecht-based company is pooling knowledge and resources from around the world so what is required can be produced quickly through 3D printing technology.

Its proposed network will connect hospitals to their closest 3D print hub within the network, as well as designers and experts to make sure products are viable ahead of use.

“3D printing can make a difference,” said Ultimaker chief executive Jos Burger. “We therefore invite all available 3D printing hubs equipped with Ultimaker 3D printers to make themselves visible through our websites to accelerate the production of approved 3D printed parts, where they’re needed, when they’re needed.

“By unlocking the power of our network to support 3D print initiatives for hospitals worldwide, I am left humbled and honoured to be able to contribute in this challenging situation.”

Ultimaker has been designing and manufacturing 3D printers, software and materials since it was established in 2011 and has bases across the Netherlands, the US and Singapore, as well as production facilities in Europe.